Where will 100 000 condoms end up this summer?
We handed out 100 000 condoms in Stockholm. Every condom was printed with a unique number (from no.1 to no. 100 000) and at the campaign blog people could upload their own stories about what happened to their specific number. In other words; how the condom was put to use.



Henrik Fexeus
In his new book “When you do as I please” Henrik Fexeus provides the reader with the tools to see through advertising. To make this clear we created a see-through-billboard. Also; in a series of print ads we stated the message using the fact that they were, in fact, ads.


THE HUNGER GAMES – a tribute to the art of hiding

In the youth novel “The Hunger Games” the heroine Katniss uses camouflaging skills to hide from her enemies in a deadly gladiator game. To create buzz for the book we launched the project – a tribute to the art of hiding. The heart of the campaign was which gathered inspiration, pictures and invited the visitor to become part of the project with his or her own creative hiding places.

Condom – still the easiest way to avoid anxiety
Our challenge was to create a concept, which could increase condom-use in the target group young adults. In order to do so we needed to look at the problem with a new perspective. We decided to focus on the irritating and embarrassing “side-effects” of unprotected sex. For example, if you had to call your ex and tell him or her that they need to get tested. The bottom line “Condom – still the easiest way to avoid anxiety” was used to create attention and understanding in a series of TV-commercials, print ads, radio-spots and more.