The last couple of years we have made Camilla Läckberg the nr 1 crime novelist in Scandinavia,
helped The Union recruit more members than ever and turned young Swedes on to safe sex.
Along the way we have won a number of prestigious prizes, which we are quite proud of. But
more than anything else – we are proud of the results that our campaigns have accomplished,
and the fact that clients are so satisfied. One nice acknowledgment of this is our recent silver
medal in “Sweden’s best agency”.

As we see it advertising is very, very important. In today’s market it isn’t enough to have a good
company and a good product, you simply can’t open the shop and count on that the customers will
roll in. (Needless to say there are hundreds of other shops just a google-search away.) That’s why
we believe that is necessary for a brand to stand for something, to inspire, and to communicate in
a fashion that makes people say; “Okay, I can buy that!”. In the end it’s all about creating a dialog
with the customers. And here; we feel that advertising can be a great tool for talking and listening
to people.

When it comes to strategy and creativity we have a simple perspective. They are both the most
valuable part of a campaign. A great idea can’t make a difference if the strategic insight isn’t right.
Just as a brilliant thought can be lost entirely if isn’t communicated in a way that stands out, makes
a difference, and speaks to the heart. By putting just as much effort into both parts we can achieve
great results for our clients. Or if one prefers; money in the bank.

In order to get the best possible cooperation and to insure that everyone is on the same page about
the challenge at hand; we have a work model. It consists of five simple steps, which give good
oversight of the process. Our work and involvement can vary from project to project. (If someone
has put together a good analysis of the market and the competition, there’s no need for us to
rewrite it.) Regardless; our model works as a good five-double-check, that the message is right and
that the campaign-parts are put together in the best possible way. Does that sound overly careful?
Like there is no room for misunderstandings whatsoever? Good, that’s the point.

Now to a detail that people sometimes ask us about. How big is the agency? Well, on paper we are
a smaller agency. But thanks to a large network of excellent people our team is always as large as
it needs to be, to do a great job. We regularly work together with some of the best film directors,
producers and research companies in the business. And this allows us to work with large clients.
One example is The Union, a collaboration in which we produce everything from local brochures
to nation wide Television campaigns: and everything in between as well.

Communication can consist of pretty much anything these days. It can be a spot on TV, an ad in
the paper, or perhaps a man camouflage as a wooden bench at Stockholm’s largest train station?
Finding new ways to make advertising real, inviting and engaging, is necessary to say the least. It is
also cost effective. By thinking outside of traditional media mix and the so-called box, we believe
that it is possible to create big impact even with a modest budget. (As we did successfully with the
campaign “Where will 100 000 condoms end up this summer”, to mention one example.) We’re not
saying that all the traditional media channels are dead. We’re simply saying that it’s a good idea to
add some unconventional ones to the mix.

Well, that’s about it I guess. Here on the website you can take a closer look at some of our campaigns.
Hopefully the work speaks for itself or at least gives you an idea about what we believe in, and
strive to achieve, in our work. If you want to get to know us better, feel free to contact me for a
meeting. Or just for a chat.

Sincerely Roger Kempe, CEO Ester

+46 8-22 41 00